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About us


Our Vision at Ivory Electric is important for our clients, employees and community to receive respect, safety, team work, accountability, integrity and strive in excellence in all our jobs and workman ship. 

At Ivory Electric we want to continue to building positive and ongoing relationships with our clientele for years to come.

that's why Ivory Electric is your trusted electrician and lighting expert with over 18 years experience in the electrical trade and is a company registered with Manitoba Hydro.


Led Exchange


We believe everyone should benefit with our knowledge about LED lighting. Ivory Electric is confident that the demand will

be greater for LED lighting systems in the near future. The lighting industry is already in the process of phasing out incandescent

and florescent bulbs, primarily due to the fact that they are hazardous to the environment, emit UV radiation,

consume lots of power, and they do not last as long.





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